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I work with individuals and groups. I offer training programs, coaching, consulting, and talks.

Art Von Sy is Vast

Individual and Group Trainings


Vast Clarity

An elegant approach to silence your mind faster than a Zen master to refresh your senses, think with more clarity, and more creatively.


A highly effective approach to de-stress, energize, and clear your mind in less than three minutes to feel like that the whole day and on demand.

Flow State

A program to develop high performance states to increase performance by 500%, learning by 200%, and creative problem solving by 300%.



One to One


My work with individuals is highly bespoke. Ideally, you should read this to understand what I can help you with, and contact me with a wish list. I’ll get back to you with a few dates for a free consultation call.




Potential at the Speed of Thought

The almost too obvious way to access your higher well-being, and performance

  • Why most of what we know about the mind is wrong and why that's good news
  • What a high performance state is and how you can access them
  • How to use your mind for peak performance
  • Why most people lack focus and what to do about it
  • How to stimulate mental energy
  • What generative capacity is and how it can skyrocket your creative output

Small Shift, Vast Impact

How to find the small solutions with tremendous impact

  • Why problems are a blessing
  • Why most people miss the obvious solutions
  • How to think like an avalanche
  • Why your brain doesn't want you to find great solutions
  • The key biases that keep your thinking stuck and how to overcome them
  • How to develop a liquid mindset
  • Three sure fire ways to think outside the box that you can train


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