Vast is a way of life. It's a set of techniques and insights to discover yourself AND MASTER YOUR MIND AND YOUR LIFE on the expanding edge of your potential.


I created Vast because I believe that everything we do with difficulty we can do naturally with ease and simplicity. 

And that by finding those principles we can live with more clarity, playfulness, and freedom to create and be at our best regardless of our circumstances.

Vast is a way of life to discover these intuitive ways that create big results effortlessly and to live by them. To live radically free and in spontaneous alignment with our deeper potential and true nature.

A new way of thinking and being to live with more creativity, balance, and clarity.

The Vast way allows you to uncover the earliest, unified, and direct relationships at the root of your experience, and to leverage the already occurring processes into alignment with your purposes.

And with a Vast mind, you can live by the generative principles that provoke those butterfly effects and effortlessly create disproportionally large results in your life.

Here are some of the unique things I have developed that Vast can do for you.


Live up to your vastest potential.

Who are you when you are at your best? You are yourself without boundaries, you are yourself without fear. 

You are in direct control of your abilities driven to unlock even greater ones. 

Why should anyone live anywhere other than at the edge of their potential? Why should you? With Vast, you can make tapping into your greater potential a habit for life.


Intuitive real life skills.

Life happens faster than you can think. Challenging situations can easily make you forget what you already know and can do. 

How often have you looked back at a situation wishing you could have remembered to say the thing that only came to you afterwards? Or to have approached it with more clarity? 

In those moments you don’t lack skill, abilities, or knowledge. What you lack is intuitive access to them. 

Vast techniques are intuitive enough to do spontaneously, immediate enough to give quick results, and impactful enough to give you that access right here and right now.


Master yourself with natural principles.

Everything you do with a lot of effort, you can learn to do effortlessly. When you work against the natural principles of your mind and body, everything is an uphill struggle.

But by harnessing the natural mechanisms with Vast principles you can have a vast impact with only a small shift. 

The natural perspective allows you to understand yourself better. It offers a direct path to answering why you do the things you do, and what drives you on the deepest level of your being.


Unleash your mental powers.

If you are like most people, you struggle with focus, procrastination, willpower, a busy mind, distractions, decision fatigue, a positive mindset and an inability to control them. 

What separates you from your mental powers is a lack of mental energy. With Vast, you can learn how to cultivate and ignite your mental energy at a moment’s notice.

With this, you will be able to increase the quality of your decisions, think faster, clearer, with more focus, creativity, and willpower even if you believe you’re out of steam.


Design your mindset.

Your mindset defines how you respond, feel, act, and think before you even know it. It’s your life's operating system, the right mindset is key to growth.

But you are as unique as your goals and values, and your mindset should reflect that. An average, one size fits all mindset will give you an average life.

With Vast, you tailor your mindset to your goals to drive your strengths and counterbalance your weaknesses beyond your usual limits. It’s with a unique mindset that you can upgrade yourself into the exceptional.


Silence your mind at will.

One of the biggest barriers to being more present and happier is a mind that doesn’t interfere with your life.

Vast meditation can teach you how to silence your mind faster than a Zen master. It’s meditation without meditation that allows you to immediately clear your mind and enter mindfulness and deep present awareness.

With Vast, it’s entirely effortless to take charge of your mind, your emotions, and your thoughts by showing up with more presence, confidence, and personal clarity.


Supercharge your creative output.

There is no joy like creativity. The ability to express yourself, your thoughts, your ideas, and produce something of value. But if you are like most people you will experience blocks.

Creativity is a state of mind you can either hope for or trigger from within. With Vast, you can learn to identify the mental blocks that prevent you from being more creative and trigger the creative state of mind when you need it, want it, or just prefer it.


Soften stress and melt anxiety.

Most people believe that stress and anxiety are things we have to accept. I don’t believe that, I believe that you can overcome them.

Have you ever wondered what happens inside of you when stress suddenly disappears and anxiety melts away? You can learn to manage stress in just that way, directly and naturally.

With Vast, you can overcome internal agitation in just a couple of minutes and even give you the ability to face the source of stress without letting it affect you.


Master your emotions.

Your emotions drive your behavior and your attitude more than your thoughts and before you even notice. How often have you let your emotions dictate how you show up in the world? 

Learning to master your emotions without suppressing them is not just liberating but tremendously empowering. 

Vast teaches you how you can recognize your emotions before they arise and release them or creatively redirect their energy into greater purpose and alignment.


Cultivate vitality and summon energy.

What if you could create energy and vitality whenever you wanted in less time than it takes to listen to a pop song? 

You might think that energy is something you don’t have enough of, but that’s wrong. You simply don’t know how easy it is to provoke it out of your body.

With Vast, you can generate energy from within and increase your levels of vitality spontaneously. Faster than coffee, more direct than exercise, sustainably from within, and on demand. 


Generate motivated and focused flow states.

You are your best when you are at your best. And accessing your most inspired and powerful states of mind and body is the most effective way of being your best. 

With Vast, you can access those states at will to increase your productivity and well-being at once.

Consider all the times when you couldn’t summon the necessary confidence or the abilities you already have when you needed them the most. How would you have acted differently if you could?


Directly shift your state.

Your state of being doesn’t have to be defined by your surroundings. You can directly shift your state of mind from within irrespective of your thoughts and circumstances.

Stay calm under pressure? Keep a positive mindset when things are rough? Learn how to access transcendent meditative states while walking down the street? Yes.

With Vast, you can use the unconscious triggers that cause the changes within you to shift your state in spite of the usual external obstacles you might experience. 


Heal past wounds.

One of the key pillars of Vast is the ability to see through your thoughts and distill the meaning they represent. 

The wounds of the past we carry into the present are formed on the level of thought and carried into our bodily sensations. 

Yet you can release the pent up baggage by reversing the process and shedding it with deep awareness and a Vast practice.


Overcome fear at its source.

If fear didn’t hold you back even if you experienced it, how would you live your life differently? How would you have lived it differently? 

Fear has a structure and a source. Realizing the structure and natural causes of fear will give you the power to exercise control over it. 

Without interpretation, fear is just pure energy. With Vast, you can strip fear off the interpretation and harness the energy by transforming it into excitement.


Turn weaknesses into your unique source of power.

Your doubts, fears, embarrassments and inadequacies are the building blocks of your personal magic.

Your greatest fears lie in the shadows of your greatest desires. And your unique powers in the shadows of your deepest weaknesses. 

By making a practice of this insight, the misunderstandings that lead to doubt, shame, inadequacy, and guilt drop off naturally, as you discover your unique gifts and powers buried within.


Simple and effortless confidence.

Confidence can seem to be most difficult thing to achieve. And there are many scenarios where when you think about confidence it blocks you from it.

Can you imagine yourself being able to summon confidence for no reason at all? Well, that’s natural confidence.

I have perfected methods to create confidence the effortless and natural way without mental gymnastics. And with Vast, cultivating natural confidence becomes just that, natural and easy.


Direct and open self-awareness.

The only way to know yourself is by, first, forgetting yourself. A better understanding of who you are, not as a fixed thing but as a growing potential is at the core of Vast.

This leads to less self-consciousness and self-absorption that is such a great cause of mental and emotional suffering.

Enlighten to your patterns of sabotage, overcome your compulsions, and your unconscious illusions to live with more openness to yourself, your potential, and in deeper connection to the people in your life.


Live in unity with life and reality.

What is your true relationship with reality and the world? How can you live your life in line with the deepest insights into the nature of reality? 

The question of what you are, where you are, what you are doing here, how much of it is real, and what you can do with it are fundamental to a deeper appreciation of life and self. 

What if the answer to transcend yourself is simpler than you could imagine and living by it more obvious than you are allowing yourself to see?


Authentically beyond the box.

Your most authentic and fulfilled self doesn’t exist in the box of your identity. The essence of your being is to forger who you were and become what you can be.

When you feel stuck with your life and the choices you’ve made, you’ve most likely build yourself a prison of beliefs. Yet, it’s not about denying your ego but by making it as fluid as life itself. 

Vast can guide you to the foundations of your existence to dispel the false inadequacies at the root of suffering to live with more authenticity in a way that only you could, can, and will.


Become all that you can be.

What if your purpose were a moving target rather than a singular goal? What if living by your purpose and up to your vastest potential is an attitude towards yourself and life? 

All it takes is becoming one with the continuously moving boundary of your potential and live on it as you challenge it. 

And by making this process of transcending yourself enjoyable, taking the fear and threat away, you can make a habit of becoming all you can be.


Make freedom a reflex and liberation a habit.

How free do you feel in your life, your self, your choices, your movements and work? You deserve to be free and create freedom with every beating of your heart.

Everything you do and care for in life is only possible with the freedom to live it. Liberation is the act by which you gain this freedom.

Vast is about making liberation a skill, and turning freedom into a verb, to seize the vast opportunities for greater freedom and a richer life in every conscious moment.


Live by the euphoric principles.

From liberation and all the above, we come to the culmination of what it means to live Vast: unlock and experience the euphoric substance of every living moment. 

Making a practice of Vast and internalizing its euphoric principles will lend an enlightened, effortless yet driven creative zest to your existence. 

Because connection, value, liberation, self-determination, and creative authenticity are inherent wherever you find yourself if you can learn to see and tickle it out of the substance of life.


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