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There are no obstacles, and there are no shortcuts. There are only detours to abandon.

Art Von Sy Think Vast

Truth is function, and that’s what I do. I’m a consciousness hacker, a philosopher, an explorer, an inventor.

I research the most fundamental and essential principles that shape our self, our reality, and our consciousness to master our minds, our states of being, and our lives.

My passion is the design and development of simple and powerful approaches to dance on their intersection, surf the waves of chaos, liberate ourselves, and effortlessly live on the creative edge of our potential.

This is generative self-determination, to show up with the full gravity of our presence and fearlessly engage with life.

To see it for what it really is, to discover the essence of who we truly are, and the nature of reality by recognizing the magnitude of our inherent freedom to love, create, provoke, innovate, destroy, and elevate.

But seeing like that demands ruthless clarity of mind, reason, heart, and insight.

You are yourself to the degree to which you feel and are alive, obstaclelessly beyond yourself, becoming and creating dangerously on the cusp of the unknown.

What is at the core of our delusions, inadequacies, and misguided compulsions, and what is the antidote?

What are the principles of liberation and how can we cultivate them to effortlessly exist as the most aligned version of ourselves? 

How do our thoughts turn into actions, and intentions into expressions? How can we master the unconscious impulses to stimulate our highest states of consciousness at will? What is the structure of euphoria, flow, and how can we hack it? 

Who are we? How do we generate our reality and the dimensions of our self? What is the essence of meaning?

How do we project this meaning upon the world and how can we strip and assign it at will? And how can we become aware of and learn to influence these processes with ease?

The ability to abide as our most playful, powerful, and enlightened version of self, because of, in spite of, and irrespective of our circumstances — that’s Radical Presence.

These questions, among others, formed the beginning of my quest. And I couldn't find any real answers in the mind sciences of the West nor in those of the East.

With far too many dogmas, impotent theories, consolatory fantasies, and the unfortunate habit of promising things their highest masters can barely glimpse to blame. 

I see no point in finding answers to my questions without the ability to manifest them in life concrete.

I wanted to find the natural and direct ways to achieve that, by distilling the processes we engage in naturally when we do the above and more in seemingly 'random accidents'.

To make the methods just as intuitive, immediate, and effective that they become as invisible as our abilities effortless. That’s why I created Vast.

Irreverence is rooted in a deep reverence for the enigma of life and iconoclasm in an even deeper one for truth.

Because I believe in living life on the creative edge of my potential. I believe in exercising my capacity for liberation in every waking moment.

I believe that my quality of existence and my highest states of consciousness are an intuitive choice away.  

I believe that there is nothing above me other than myself. I believe that the only fear that exists is that of discovering who we truly are.

And that it’s in the euphoric heat of violating myself in the mystery of emerging realities that I find my truest expression of self. 

But with Vast, I don’t have to believe, with Vast, I know. Because with Vast, I can. With Vast, you can.

Think Vast

Art Von Sy is Vast